Entering FWT, first up Revelstoke!

Sitting at Elevation in Chamonix, my hometown this winter! So cool to call this beautiful place my home, at least for a couple of months. I’ve been in Chamonix during the last four winters, and I just love coming back every time! It’s not just the beautiful and legendary mountains, the charming town center and it’s atmosphere. And sure there’s alot of scandinavians and friends here as well, but there’s something more about this place. Can’t really put my finger on it, put it just feels like, well, my kinda place.

Not sure how this winter will turn out besides the FWT- contests, but things are happening, and I’ll let you know as soon as I can! One project involves a travel in April, almost as fare from home as I can come…

Two contests down, first stop Revelstoke, and the last one only a couple of days ago here in Cham. Got a 4th place in Revy, and I’m really glad I managed to take the step onto the podium here in Chamonix. 3rd place, and I’ll continue to climb! (at least I hope so)

Because of heavy snowfall in Revelstoke, the competition-date got postponed almost a week. Anne May, the best travelcompanion and friend, and I, checked out what Revelstoke was made of. We found some nice turns, for sure. Thanks to the man Tore Meirik from Fri Flyt for all the nice pics!


Happy girls! Me and Anne May Slinning

Found good snow while waiting for the compday. Photo: Tore Meirik/ Fri Flyt

The face in Revy (MacDaddy) was a funny face to inspect. I was really unsure on where to ski, and I had a plan both for the skiers right and left side. I chose the skiers right, not sure afterwards if that was the best pick. Watching the snowboard and ski men run, the snow looked perfect and deep, and I was really hyped up before the hike up to the start area. But by the time the ladies got to drop in, the snow on the top section had become hard and packed, and all the tracks from the earlier riders were hard. Man, I got sooo tired!! (you can hear me breathing hard in the POV-part of the edit..) Well, I barely stood on my feet, and that was good enough for a 4th place. Even though  4th place kinda sucks (you’r soo close to the podium) I was happy. It was the first comp, and a got a result. I stood on my feet, and that was the most important thing to me. Here’s my run in Revelstoke. It didn’t feel good, doesn’t look good..

Freeride World Tour Photo; Royce Sihlis

Checking out Mac Daddy. Freeride World Tour, Photo; Royce Sihlis

photo B Long

Nice view from the start gate, as you can see. Freeride World Tour, photo: Bruno Long


View from my GoPro dropping my one and only cliff in Revelstoke

I’ve made an edit from Revelstoke, and I’ll make one from Cham as soon as I get the time. Bare with me, this is the first edit I’ve ever made, and I guess they’ll get better each time. Have a look!

For Chamonix; wow. What a feeling! It’s like, Chamonix! I’ve good friends supporting me here, it feels like home, and I’ve already got so many good memories from this place. Last weekend is definitely one of the best ones. Do I even have to say that I spent alot of the pricemoney in the bar that same evening? Ski hard, party hard! Dancing all night long, and my neck really hurt for two days after all the headbanging..Thanks to all of you who shared both the memories on the mountain and on the dancefloor! And for you who watched it online! More on Chamonix and the comp in the next post.

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