Chamonix in my heart!

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Back in Chamonix! Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

Revelstoke was a good way to start the new year, but after ten days in Canada my heart was eager to get to Chamonix. Anne May, Tone and I are renting a flat togheter, and both Anne May and Tone have been in Cham since December. Now it was my turn to start the season in Cham! December and early January has been just sick down here, and far too many facebook-updates with smiling faces and kneedeep powderturns has made it hard to be somewhere else.

Chamonix started with toothache. And I hate to go to the dentist. But my fear of nonenglish -speaking French dentists with big claws and grinning smiles were sat aside, and luckily the nice smiling dentist (who spoke perfectly english) just gave me penicillin and painkillers and sent me away. Pjuh! But it took a couple of days before I heard my boots click perfectly in my bindings, and then my Chamseason was on!

I’ve had a week off just hanging with friends until the FWT got a hold of me once more, and all the good riders and happy people on the tour started showing up in the streets of Cham. The Chamonix square got filled up with FWT- stuff and people, and there was a bunch of people cheering at us under the bib-draw the night before the contest!


Bib draw at Chamonix square photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen


Ok, I enjoyed some vine chaud at the bibdraw… Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

I’m not the person who get the worse nerves before entering a contest. While standing at the startgate, I’m trying to enjoy that special moment, taking in all the impressions and focusing on my line. It’s funny though, especially at Chamonix I was thinking about how my feelings would be in just a minute or two. Would I be superstoked or totally bumped out? It’s so weird standing at the top of a mountain, knowing that your actions the next minutes will decide wheter you’ll be one of the happiest in town, or the grumpy one locked in your hotelroom sobbing. Or, nah, I’ll probably never be that last person, but anyway. Disappointed, at least!

Sadly, Anne May became ill the night before the contest, and puked during the hike to the startarea. I felt so sad for her at the top, lying in the snow with an aching tummy. She managed to ski her line and ended up in 6th place, but I’ll bet you she’ll come stronger back in Kirkwood!

Face Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

Face Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen


Anne May spotting lines, The one and only bigmountain-skier Karsten Gefle helping us out, Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

Natalie Segal, one of the happiest girls on the mountain, every time! Photo: Anne May Slinning

Natalie Segal and me. What a girl!! Photo: Anne May Slinning

I was pretty unsure on witch line I should choose. Ended up with changing the line on the day of the contest, watching the first snowboarders ski fast and fluid at skiers right side of the face. It looked pretty cool from where I was standing, and I decided to go skier right instead of left, which was my original plan. For some reason I ended up skiing around one of the elements I had planned to take. It was a nice air, pretty solid landing and so on, but in the second before I got to this air I hesitated. Why? Don’t know. But that’s just the thing with compeeting in events such as this. Sometimes I wish I could just leave my head at the top and ski without thinking. But in the other hand, maybe I wouldn’t have stomped the landing after all? Maybe I would have crashed, and not skied down to my first podium ever at the FWT?

Got me on the podium. Glad I didn't got second thoughts on this one! Photo: Kristin Folslnd Olsen

Got me on the podium. Glad I didn’t got second thoughts on this one! Photo: Kristin Folslnd Olsen


f.l.t.r: 2nd Nadine Wallner (AUS), 1st Christin Hargin (SWE), 3rd Pia Nic Gundersen (NOR)

Taking one step at the time, learning by doing! next comp up is in Kirkwood, USA, 27th of February. Have some time off until then, and nothing is better than to see the snow dumping outside our flat in Chamonix Sud!

Unfortunately, my headcam- footage from my run was corrupted, and therefore I haven’t made a videoedit like the one from Revelstoke. You can watch my run and all other runs from the contest in Chamonix here.

Thank you to my good friend Kristin Folsland Olsen who’s taken all the nice pictures from Chamonix! She’s one hell of a lady, and I recommend you to step into her world of expedition, adventures, articles and photos of majestic landscape here . It’s been so fun having her around! Nobody gives a polarbear-hug as Kristin! she did an arcticle on Anne May and me, and you’ll find it here.

Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen

Watch out for powpow-updates, now it’s my turn!

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