Sunburned in California

FWT, Oppdrag Nord-Norge

Not even a week has pasted since the competition in Kirkwood, CA. Luckily my sunburned face and pandabear-look as a result of two days in the California-sun, has begun to past. Things went well on my third stop on the FWT. Got a 2nd place, which indicates that I keep climbing toward the spot on the top!


On various conditions, this was my best moment! Sitting in the hot chair until the second last rider felt pretty good as well. Photo: Freeride World Tour/ A. Jimmerson

Jackie Paaso, who has been unfortunate on the Tour so fare, finally got her shine back. A well deserved win for her, and also Ashley Maxfield, who took the third place. The americans strike back on homeground! Luckily I skied well enough to not only maintane my podium-overall so far, I climbed to 2nd place in the total ranking, with only Austrian Nadine Wallner ahead of me. Don’t know why, but as in Chamonix, I didn’t manage to turn on my GoPro- headcam..It’s a bummer, and for the next stop I’ll make sure it’s on!

blogg kirkwood podium

f.l.t.r: Ashley Maxfield, Jackie Paaso, Pia Nic Gundersen. Photo: Freeride World Tour, A. Jimmerson

The conditions were rough, but the weather couldnt have been better! This was the first stop were the ladies got to go first, which ment that Anne May and I got to enjoy hours in the sun looking at the rest of the riders. Good times!


Unfortunately, the womens alpine has had some apostasy since we all met back in January in Revelstoke. Eva Walkner hurt her ACL and torned ligaments in Revelstoke, Sonja Lercher went out with a similar injury in Chamonix, and right before the comp in Kirkwood Natalie Segal blew her ACL…Bah, can only say that I know that all of you will be back next year even stronger! Miss you all on the tour. Best of luck on your recovery!  I’m happy for the swede Matilda Rapaport, who has skied really well on the Qualifier Tour, and therefore has got herself a wildcard for Fieberbrunn! Whop Whop! Looking forward to see you!


Being on the tour means alot of time on airports! Here’s what I saw of Chicago, on my way home.

After the competition I changed to an earlier flight back home to attend the premiere of the upcoming TV-series ”Oppdrag Nord-Norge”, where I’m one of the main charachters. And man, what a party it turned out to be! So fun to see the whole crew again, and I danced untill I barely stood on my feet.

The whole gang togheter at the premiere show: f.l.t.r Jokke Sommer, PC Fosse, me, Kari Traa, Andreas Åmli Hansen, Kari Schibevaag, Atle Dahl and Karsten Gefle

The whole gang togheter at the premiere show: f.l.t.r producer Sindre Kinnerød, Jokke Sommer, PC Fosse, me, Kari Traa, Andreas Åmli Hansen, Kari Schibevaag, Atle Dahl and Karsten Gefle. photo: Ken Sivertsen

The first episode is up on Thursday at NRK1, 20:15. Be sure to tune in! Check out!

Before heading to Kirkwood, I had an awsome week in Balestrand, Sognefjorden in Norway, filming with Petter Bolstad and Joachim Høge. I’ve got some POV-camera action and screenshots from my part, and I’ll post some of it soon. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Fieberbrunn, second last stop of the Tour before the finals in Verbier. As I’m now ranked as second in total, I guess my spot in the finals are secured. Having some thoughts about how to ski in Fieberbrunn. Safe and secure, making sure I stand on my feet and get a result, or take some risks, because I can? Not sure! Guess I’ll decide just the moment before dropping in. Here’s a picture of the venue in Fieberbrunn, Austria. The comp is up for Saturday, March 9., and will be live on Let’s play!


6 thoughts on “Sunburned in California”

  1. Jim Gundersen says:

    Du er kjempeflink til dette ogs�. Er det 2 renn til f�r finalen ? Eller 2 renn med finalen ? K�res vinner av verdenscupen f�r finalen eller ?

    Med vennlig hilsen

    Jim Gundersen, tlf. 76114232 / mobil 90 96 78 79 Postadresse: Helse- og sosialsjefen i B�, 8475 Straumesj�en

    • Takk pappa! Fieberbrunn førstkommende lørdag, deretter finalen i Verbier 23. mars. Så to gjenstående konkurranser totalt. Det som skiller finalen fra de resterende konkurransene er at det bare er de best rangerte som får kjøre. Litt usikker på hvor mange jenter som får kjøre, muligens topp 6. Så sammenlagtseieren avgjøres ikke før finalen er kjørt! Foreslår at dere starter påskeferien i Verbier..;)

  2. Ida Johnsen says:

    Dødskult! Gler mæ te å sjå episoden av Oppdrag Nord Norge i morra. Det bi stas! :)

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