Lost in Verbier

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First of all,the competition in Fieberbrunn earlier this month happened after a week of waiting. Had a blast that week, hanging out with the crew. It felt like we needed that week, just chilling, having a good time and really got to know eachother. The waiting part was my highlight of Fieberbrunn, I chrashed in the comp. Really doesn’t matter, I kinda felt that it had to happen one time. Got my first concussion during the waiting in Fieberbrunn, Anne May did the same and hurt her knee, and Christine Hargin had to throw in her towell after she nearly tore her ligaments in one knee. Go ladies!


A nice week in Fieberbrunn! f.l.t.r. Me, Anne May Slinning and Matilda Rapaport

Short recap  of Fieberbrunn, now over to the main event. Verbier Extreme. The creme du la creme, wrapping up the FWT 2013 with the best riders of the season. And I was one of them! So stoked to be a part of it. Like really, this season has been the best season ever! Don’t know where to start, so I´ll start with the ending.


Ladies start straight ahead

Verbier Extreme was the last of the stops of the tour, the grand finale, were the World Champions would be announced. I had the chance, but I blew the title. Got lost on the mini-Bec, and missed out on my top cliff. Had to improvise on my way down, found a nice cliff at the end, and finished tired, but mainly happy over holding it togheter.

Trying to hold it togheter at the start.

Trying to hold it togheter at the start, visualizing my run. Photo: T.Repo


Lost, but having fun! Photo: T.Repo

Not the best run of the season, but what the heck! I skied the Verbier Extreme! Came fourth in the contest after Nadine Wallner (3rd), Lorraine Huber (2nd) and the WINNER, MATILDA RAPAPORT! So stoked for ”Vilda Matilda” taking it home for the scandis. Man, what a season she’s delievered. Makes me think back to Røldal, NOR, just under a year ago, the last chance to qualify for the FWT13. Anne May and me made it, but Matilda chrashed after skiing really well and lost her ticket to the tour. What a strikeback! Proud of you!

Matilda Rapaport, speachless after being announced as the winner of the Verbier Extreme 2013!

Matilda Rapaport, speachless after being announced as the winner of the Verbier Extreme 2013!

 To wrap it up, after losing it on the mini-Bec, I became second best freeridelady in the world. Sounds pretty good to me! Nadine Wallner, crowned World Champion really deserved the title after stabile skiing in every comp, and american Jackie Paaso made her way back after a rough start and came third in the overall ranking.

Well done, ladies! It deserves some dancemoves!

My girl, Anne May Slinning! Partners in crime

My girl, Anne May Slinning! Partners in crime.

Someone once told me that second place is the first and biggest loser. Bullshit! I kinda like it. It’s a good position for next year. I’ll be hungry and eager to take the next step. I’m really just happy about the fact that I get to do this next season as well. MAN! The winter has past soo fast, but at the same time it feels like every day has been lived to the maximum. Of course the travelling, waiting, more travelling and waiting has been stressful at moments and made my buckets of skidays emptier, but the season isn’t finished yet. Still have a couple of months to play.

f.l.t.r: 2nd me, 1st Nadine Wallner, 3rd Jackie Paaso

f.l.t.r: 2nd me, 1st Nadine Wallner, 3rd Jackie Paaso Photo: T. Repo

A BIG THANK YOU to my sponsors who made this possible! Missing Link, Movement Skis, Dr. Zipe, Devold and last, but not least the hot boys at SOLE BOOT LAB in Chamonix, who taught me how skiboots should feel. After the comp in Revelstoke I reached out to them, hoping they could point me in the right direction, and they just took over the show and made skiing a new experience. Thank you boys!

Seb handing me a new pair of boots!

Seb at SOLE handing me a new pair of boots!

I’ll wrap up the FWT- season in a later post, just have to let everything sink in. Still stoked.



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