Flying high in Balestrand, Kamchatka next!

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Oh ah, off to Kam- chat- ka! Just finished packing my bags again, this time leaving to Kamchatka, Russia. Staying there for three weeks filming. Kamchatka is almost as far east as you can come in Russia, a peninsula laying just north of Japan. Kamchatka is wilderness itself, known for it’s abundance and size of brown bears and nearly 30 active volcanoes. take a look at this video showing some of it!

The trip to Kamchatka is the highlight in a filmproject involving one of the best athletes in different sports as freeride, freestyle, FMX, speedriders and more. As a part of the project PC Fosse and I had a couple of days in Balestrand, Norway, in February.

I went home to Norway before heading to the FWT stop in Kirkwood, and after spending one day in Oslo we drove to Balestrand, where the conditions had been pretty good for a while. The plan was to get a day or two with heli, filming some action in the beautiful mountains of Balestrand.

Long day with new boots and liners went surprisingly well! Photo Petter Bolstad


Me and filmer Joachim Høge happy after a productive day. Photo: Petter Bolstad

We got a beautiful day filming, with the smallest chopper I´ve ever seen. Pretty cool to have a female pilot too. Lucky me got a couple of hours all by myself with a chopper and two filmers. While I got to ski five-six amazing runs, PC was working on a big-jump on another location. Hooked up with PC after a while, and we got a nice run togheter in the sunset.


Me and PC Fosse ready to ski down Photo: Petter Bolstad

Here´s some of my POV-action from one of my runs. YES, it was painful. And YES, it became my last run that day. And YES, it was worth it. A stiff neck and a painfull shoulder, but nothing serious, I´m all good now!


Two happy ladies after flying high all day! Photo: Petter Bolstad

Enjoy the beautiful month of April, wherever you are! I know I will. I’ll celebrate my birthday in Moscow, that’ll be a first.

Poka vsyo, da da, s lyubovyu Pia. Uvidimsya!

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