Wrap up season 13/14 part 3 of 3: High tide and low tide

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Returning from Kamchatka, going to Riksgrensen, Sweden, the official Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship. I’ve participated before, without any luck on the title. The starting field for the ladies was strong. The Swedes Matilda Rapaport, Christin Hargin, Evelina Nilsson and the kind of half-Swede Jackie Paaso to mention some. Ended the competition- season with a shared 2nd place with Evelina, behind the winner Christin. Before the final run I was leading, after two strong qualification runs. I think the SBMC is one of the hardest competitions to participate in. For three days in a row you have to be focused, eager and strong. It’s a good experience, and I’m glad I finished all three runs as planned.


Typical Riksgrensen weater!


Faceinspection day 1, SBMC


“Branten” is a tough nut to crack!

Photo: Erik Westberg / epixphoto.se"

Photo: Erik Westberg / epixphoto.se”

Wrapping up the season in Stryn, Norway is always a winner. Or at least, it usually is. This season it didn’t go as planned. A crash after poor decision making from my side ended the season for me. First thinking that it was just a bad twitch, and that I should take an MRI just to be sure, resulted in tears at Copenhagen Airport a couple of weeks later when I ot the results. I really wasn’t expecting it to be that bad: Torn ACL and both meniscuses injured. I got the results from the MRI when heading home from Chamonix, after a great weekend with the Arct’eryx Alpine Academy.


Campsite at Folven Camping, Stryn.



Tone and Kristina hiking to the top.

In Stryn, straight after my chrash. Didn't feel that bad. Eh, or wait, I did throw up. Photo: Vegard Breie.

In Stryn, straight after my chrash. Didn’t feel that bad. Eh, or wait, I did throw up. Photo: Vegard Breie.


Freezing at Hjelle.

So what will 2015 bring? It’s now October, and 12 weeks since my surgery. Things are going good, but it feels weird to be injured, and a completely new experience. The recovery is at least 6 months, most likely longer before I’m back where I was. I have to have patience, and the biggest mistake would be to rush into things before my knee is ready. I’m staying positive, and my recovery is going good. It feels weird that a part of your body has to learn things from scratch again. Recently, one of my exercises was to jump sideways on one foot. Easy, I thought! But man, it was actually scary at first! I can feel that, even though my knee feels stabile in everyday movements, it’s not what it used to be. And that’s normal, given the time since the surgery. Taking it step by step, I’m hoping to be back on my skis this upcoming winter. Maybe not charging big cliffs, but that’s not important. I just want to feel that cruising sensation, lifting my hands above my head and dancing on snow.


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