2015; new socks.

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New year, new possibilities!

It’s January, but it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like we’re still in late fall; a long long fall. It can’t be January! Because I’m not starting my day with searching for my ski socks, or swearing cause I forgot to dry my boots last night. Or rushing out the door, with my keys in one hand, my boots in the other (with a baguette sticking out from one of them) ,while at the same time recollecting that my ski pass is in another jacket, and I have to turn around, leave everything on the floor and pick up my pass. Typically Tone and Anne May is already waiting in the car at this time.

And I don’t have those sweet butterflies in my stomach thinking that the FWT is about to start; and I’ll see all the other riders again soon. Am I ready? Is everything in order, is my mind set on competing? Should I get new ski socks?

I don’t like being injured, it’s not fun feeling that you’re missing out. And my knee feels alright! It’s not like I’m limping. I’m running both up and down the stairs when I’ve forgotten something. So it’s kind of easy to forget the fact that I’m injured, and that it is a reason why I’m not buying new ski socks yet.

But even though my knee feels alright, I know that it’s not stabile enough yet. I don’t know if the knee will handle a big crash, or a heavy backslap landing. And the fact that I don’t know, indicates that I should give it a bit more time. Cause I know that the minute I place my boots in the bindings, I will have a hard time holding back. I’ve had a day back on my skis, and my head is in the right place. No setbacks, not afraid that the knee will snap, just eager to get the speed up. And that’s a good sign.


Back on skis late 2014!

But I’m going to hold back just a bit longer, and squeeze out some sweat in the gym. Couple of more weeks now!

It’s been fun and motivational to watch the TV-show Rastløs, which aired on national TV this week. Some nice skiing from Kamchatka and Balestrand a couple of years ago. Here’s the episode from Kamchatka, starring me and PC Fosse.


Some of the athletes from the “Rastløs” -show: Tom Erik Heimen, PC Fosse, Espen Fadnes and me.

Thank you for the nice feedback on the show!

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