Skårasalen, Hjørundfjorden

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This weekend the FWT 15 kicked off in Chamonix, France. Even though I’m out this season due to an injury, I intended to be in Chamonix when the FWT arrived, to hand out high-fives and hugs to my friends competing. I changed my plan, and decided to stay put in Norway, which I don’t regret. Of course it would have been nice to see all the other riders again! Thinking about it, it might have been strange to be there, and not be able to compete.

So instead I joined Kristina and Bjørn for a little hike on Skålasalen in Hjørundsfjorden this Saturday.Thanks to the guys at SOLE boot lab Chamonix for setting me up with a rando-kit late last season! Didn’t really get the chance to use it before I blew my ACL, so this was the first time. You kind of need to have it here in Sunnmøre, there’s mountains everywhere screaming for attention. Looking forward to spend some more time hiking in the future, with the local bad ass skier Kristina.


Kristina scouting from the ferry. The forecast wasn’t that promising, but we decided to give it a try.



Bjørn has his eyes on the target; Skårasalen.



We decided to turn around shortly before the top. It had snowed and was windy the night before, leaving some uncertainties concerning the stability of the snowpack. Smiling still!


Congrats to all the winners in Chamonix! Eva Walkner is back after a long break because of injury. So glad to see her on the top of the podium, and also Christine Hargin taking second place! Picture: David Carlier/





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